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Evaluation or Evaluation Study defines the market value of future project or existing hotel property. It is elaborated for hotel owners as well as for hotel developers and investors. Evaluation is important document also in case of assuring the financing of hotel project or eventually purchasing the hotel property.

For evaluation of market value of hotel/hotel project Labartt Hospitality uses exclusively the methods of evaluation based on real or potential returns of hotel property. As additional method is used the “Comparative Approach”, under condition that there is sufficient number of comparable and verified hotel transactions on market. Our evaluation is elaborated also in IFRS format if it is required by the client.

Valuation according to IFRS

Product is aimed at valuation of tourism real estate investments for the purposes of accounting elaborated in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). In particular this refers to:

  • Regular revaluation to real value in accordance with standard IAS 40 – Investment Property
  • Impairment Tests in accordance with standard IAS 36 – Impairment of Assets
  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) of a business combination in accordance with standard IFRS 3 Business Combinations

or further information please see the document: Valuation for purposes of IFRS Labartt Hospitality & TACOMA



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