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Professional activities

  • Specialized researches
  • Lecturing on universities and professional conferences
  • Seminars
Specialized researches

As a part of our professional activities we realize specialised researches and analysis regarding tourism and hotel industry. Selected parts of these analyses you can find in our News Letters.

Lecturing on universities and professional conferences

To our important activities belong also lecturing on universities and professional conferences. Currently, we regularly lecture the topics from area of hotel and tourism industry on University of Economics in Prague, University of Economics in Bratislava and Academy of Economy in Bucharest.


Our seminars in Prague, Bratislava and Bucharest are organized mainly for hotel investors, developers, financial institutions (banks) and also various professionals. These seminars are focused on various topics concerning the preparation of projects from area of tourism industry, their management, evaluation and sale. Second effect of our seminar is to meet the market key players and talk about common topics. In case you are interested in our seminar, please contact us and we will let you know about the date and topics of our closest seminar.



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