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  • Purchase and sale of properties in tourism industry
  • EU funding for tourism industry
  • Assistance by Private Equity and financing
Purchase and sale of properties in tourism industry

To owners of hotel properties, hotel projects and projects in tourism industry we offer tendering of suitable partner for particular transaction, whether from the point of purchase or sale. Our specialization in tourism industry enables us effectively negotiate the conditions of transaction and select the suitable goal oriented strategy. EU funding for tourism industry

EU funding for tourism industry

In case of projects where we internally evaluate the real chance to obtain the financial sources from European Union we offer the elaboration of necessary documents and submitting the application form to appropriate public authorities.

Assistance by Private Equity and financing

Our service is focused on assuring the communication with equity partners who are active in real estate investments.

Outcome of our cooperation with client is assuring the LOI / Head of Terms or similar document for your project in case you are interested in finding additional equity. Our company undertakes complete administration and communication regarding this issue till the moment of acquiring all necessary documents.

Involvement of equity partner – finalization of transaction - including the realization of all necessary steps like project’s Due Diligence, legal and tax audit and relating documents falls within your competence. In case you will be interested in complete realisation of your transaction, we are ready to assure this for you in cooperation with our legal and tax partners.

Regarding the Feasibility Studies elaborated or accepted by us we present these projects to financing parties in order to gain the most comfortable conditions of financing for client, and here we profit also from our specialization in tourism real estate properties.



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