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Hotels redesign as an instrument to increase visit rate and sales


Praha, 15.2.2016


Each hotel investment reaches during its investment cycle the point where it is necessary to replace hotel FF&E or even improving the actual scale & standard of services – this is usually called REDESIGN. Redesign is not only the change of hotel´s FF&E, but also the change of structure of services according to new trends and guest´s needs, change of dispositional solution if necessary, using of new technologies, etc.



However, due to continual market development it is not effective to invest only in hotel renovation; on the contrary, it is necessary to take into account all actual and also expected future trends in guests needs.


Thanks to ourspecialisation in hotel and tourism real estate investments we offer you our assistance by the preparation and realization of the above stated activities in the way assuring the maximal effect of your used sources. Our recommendations are based on already realized solutions, analogical hotel projects and actual undergoing trends; these recommendations also eliminate the dead ends, non-realistic expectations and bad solutions.


This is only part of services provided by Labartt Hospitality, you can find detailed information at:




In case of interest please feel free to contact us and we are ready to arrange the meeting with you where we can present you our products in details.


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